Three years ago the city of Grimes Iowa was blessed with the Old School Pinball and Arcade. Grimes is just outside the immediate metro of Des Moines, Iowa and is a town of 12k people. This arcade is the brainchild of Jason Shiffer, who has lived in Grimes his entire life. He remembers playing arcade games on Main street back in the 1980s and he wanted to bring it back thirty years later. For years he’s had a personal collection rivaled by next to no one in Iowa that he has used to hold private parties for friends in his basement.

The reason I know so much about this arcade is not because of an interview or anything else, it’s because Grimes is also the home of this magazine. I can step out my office front door and cross the street, walk down the block a bit and play some games. I can take on the cars and try to cross the road as frogger, battle Raiden as Johnny Cage within minutes of deciding I needed to get away from my office work. I served as a consultant and a worker on the arcade when it started up and still to this day. For awhile I had a couple games in the arcade that I owned. And without Old School Pinball and Arcade here in Grimes, chances are there wouldn’t be this magazine.

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