Old School Baby. That’s what Tim called me when he walked into A Gamers Paradise and saw the magazine and my embroidered shirt that I was wearing for the magazine. My potential interview with Tim Arnold the operator of The Pinball Hall of Fame was off to an interesting start.


TIM ARNOLD: So when you were a kid, did you ever play tic-tac-toe?…Why did you stop playing tic-tac-toe?


OSG: Because I could never win.


TIM: It was pointless and stupid, there’s only six things you do. Just like videogames, up, down, left, right, punch, kick. Why would anyone continue to play a baby’s game when you become a man? You play pinball, because pinball is random, because it’s mechanical —


OSG: It’s got millions of possibilities.


TIM: The ball is crazy. It can go anywhere, anytime for any reason and it also has strategy instead of, I’m just going to memorize a move so I can do Kung Fu.


And that’s how it started…. A man I still have a ton of respect for, calling gamers, babies because their video gaming is so simple compared to pinball. Tim started when is was 14 with his brother. While his friends were trudging through the snow delivering newspapers he was popping into the pizza parlor and pulling out hundreds of dollars worth of quarters. I was an OG, Original Gangster he says back in the 1980s. He was putting pinball machines out in Lansing Michigan. He decided to let his brother buy him out locally years later and that he wanted to go to a big town and do something new with his part of the pinball and arcade collec- tion. The timing may not have been right, but that didn’t matter to Tim.  Read the rest of this article by on page 22 by clicking here!




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