Retro-Inspired Games at Modern Websites

Modern players have access to a vast range of aviation-themed games, with some of the offerings on the market now highly realistic. However, it’s a testament to the quality of the games that were made in the 1980s that many modern developers use them as inspiration. An example of this is the Aviator game, which uses simple graphics reminiscent of retro games found in old-school arcade halls. The title has contemporary mechanics to appeal to today’s players, but the visuals will most certainly evoke feelings of nostalgia in a vast number of people.

There are plenty of other recently released games for modern platforms that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1980s or 1990s as well. AirFighters, for example, is a combat flight sim that will appeal to anyone who played titles like Air Raiders in days gone by. Air Control Lite is another title that uses retro graphics and simple gameplay to great effect. Players are tasked with becoming air traffic controllers and the aim of the game is to draw paths for the airplanes to follow.

Old-School Game Machines Had Loads of Aircraft Options

If there’s one thing you could guarantee back in the day when you walked into an arcade, it’s that there’d be an aircraft-themed option to play. One of the earliest and most memorable arcade games ever was Asteroids, which involved flying fighter jets and fighting enemy ships while dodging massive flying rocks. The title from Atari inspired several other games in that era, each of which holds a special place in the hearts of anyone interested in retro gaming.

Defender was one of the best-known games to be influenced by Asteroids. The Williams Electronics title was released in 1981 for arcade machines and was later ported to early consoles including the Atari 8-bit and the Commodore 64. The title designed by Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar was one of the most important releases from the golden age of arcade video games. This was partly down to its commercial success and the fact that it sold over 55,000 units, but also because its gameplay features pushed gaming forward and gave other developers ideas for their titles.

There are many other aviation-themed old-school games to choose from, many of which can still be played today in new formats. These include titles like Air Raiders, Sky Force Reloaded, and Pacific Wings.

Classic Titles Inspired More Modern Offerings

As tends to be the case in the gaming industry, a multitude of developers drew inspiration from the popular titles of the 1980s and made other aviation-based games for later consoles. Now, players have the choice of playing retro-style offerings on today’s modern platforms, or more realistic and immersive games that aim to reflect flying in real life.

One of the most stunning aircraft games to play now is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. There have been various simulators over the years, and this is the culmination of all the advancements in that time. The 2020 release was met with widespread critical acclaim, and it perfectly gave players a real-world flying experience. Players can pilot a variety of different types of aircraft and visit airports all over the world. The game has been referred to as so true to life that professional pilots even use it for practice. Anyone thinking about a career in the industry would be wise to start with a title like this.

There’s no doubt that people who love flying are spoilt for choice in the gaming industry. Ever since the early days of arcades, players have been able to pilot fighter jets. The gaming industry has evolved, but retro aviation themes are still going strong to this day.

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