Anime, a movie or series animation genre, provides adventures and fantastic journeys to new and imaginative worlds. The genres open up your world and expose you to a myriad of outcomes in a fictional land. However, every decision is taken to forge a pathway ahead, and the resulting consequences mirror everything we do in this world. For instance, you cannot play in an online casino without a desire to claim an Aussie no deposit bonus. But, you also do not get to experience familiarity with games as you do with actors or characters in anime. It isn’t uncommon to hear someone exclaim that a specific anime character is someone in the general public or a celebrity or known political influencer. Are you wondering whether it’s true?

Here are some of the anime characters based on real people:

  • Attack on Titan’s Giants Armored Titan
  • One Piece’s Spandam and Sanji
  • Rurouni Kenshin and Gintama’s Gintama’s Kawakami Bansai
  • Ice and Figure Skating Yuuri Katsuki
  • High School of the Dead Otaku
  • The Wind Rises Jiro Horikoshi

Attack on Titan’s Giants Armored Titan

As a fan, it is apparent that the anime appeals result from the “Creepy Giants.” Creepy in that they patrol the city while on a rampage and eat people. However, the monsters have an uncanny likeness to human beings, even while they are vile in their characters. For instance, if you check the bone structures, these are more pronounced and often follow an unlikely form than human bones. However, the titular monsters do resemble “MMA Fighters.” Anyone would swear that the “Armored Titan” is actually “Brock Lesnar.” The two have similar body structures, including the shoulders. Apparently, the MMA fighter’s body anatomy was a source of inspiration for the most iconic yet prolific horror shows ever designed in the anime world. Yushin Okami was another fighter within the Japanese MMA that appeared in this specific anime.

One Piece’s Spandam and Sanji

It is one of the best examples of anime characters based on real people. The characters in One Piece have a real person behind them to match their likeness. For instance, Spandam looks and appears the same as “Mick Foley,” the champion in WWE Wrestling. Their behaviours both within the anime and in real-life wrestling are almost the same. Sanji, a popular character with anime fans from the series, has been likened to Leonardo Dicaprio, according to Author Eiichiro Oda’s question and answer session. The main reason for this specific outcome is Sanji’s “Titanic Hair.” However, the anime writers and producers indicate the inspiration for Sanji was actually “Steve Buscemi. The creator of one Piece Oda says that his “inspirations vary greatly and has no fights over his characters whether in appearance or selected names. The simple changes and the length of the anime “Series” require constant sources. Plus, fans around the world prefer bold and unique character sources.”

Rurouni Kenshin and Gintama’s Gintama’s Kawakami Bansai

It is one of the best anime showcasing Samurai History and its capabilities. The creator professes to base their main character on an actual samurai in a bid to uphold and celebrate a fallen hero. The Samurai in this specific anime is Kawakami Gensai, and a famous assassin professed to have lived back in the mid-19th century. Mr. Nobohiro Watsuki, the Kenshin anime creator, says the inspiration to use Kawakami Gensai rose from his commitment and duty to “Comrades.” He indicates that the anime character and Gensai do not have much in common except their career choice, “Assassin.” Plus, the two also suffered a blow from the governing authorities once their usefulness ended.

Apart from Kenshin, Kawakami Gensai was also an inspiration in Gintama, a sci-fi and supernatural anime genre. Gintama’s Kawakami Bansai, the main character, was named and acted like the famous assassin. Okada Izo, a real-life professional killer, also received recognition in the anime, taking the nature of Okada Nizou!

Ice and Figure Skating Yuuri Katsuki

Watching this specific anime is an athlete’s relaxing moment. Not only does it highlight the challenges of ice and figure skating, but it also has the perfect storyline for professional and other aspiring athletes. Plus, all major players in the anime have natural persons, where their characters developed. The anime creators brought in several characters matching specific skaters to get the storyline and character development right. For instance, Yuuri Katsuki, one of the heroes, has a similar athlete and professional storyline with Tatsuki Machida professional ice skater. Both characters faced challenges with their self-esteem and continuous failures in their professions. At the same time, you can also equate his physical features to those of Yuzuru Hanyu, an Olympic gold medalist.

High School of the Dead Otaku

When it comes to horror genres in anime, the High School Of The Dead takes the Trophy. The anime’s resident killer going by the name Otaku takes all his features from Hirano Koutais. The individual scowl and disposition, including his nerdy and book-ish appearance, is a hundred percent match. To make matters worse, the creators played around with the letters of his name when naming the character “Koutais to Otaku.”

The Wind Rises Jiro Horikoshi

It is a work of fiction already present in the market for fans that haven’t had a chance at this fantastic and epic anime. It takes the country and individuals back to the development and innovation of fighter planes during World War II. The main character in this specific storyline and amazing anime is Jiro Horikoshi. The main characters employ their appearance and knowledge, including professionalism. Even being a work of fiction, the anime portrays all that Jiro had been into during this specific period and his contributions to Japanese history!


There are many famous anime characters based upon real people. However, the most popular include Attack on Titan’s Giants Armored Titan, One Piece’s Spandam and Sanji, Rurouni Kenshin, and Gintama’s Gintama’s Kawakami Bansai, Ice and Figure Skating Yuuri Katsuki, High School of the Dead Otaku, and the Wind Rise Jiro Horikoshi. However, you will come across many more, extending the above list. Fans can always check and re-evaluate the features to match their favourite anime characters with real-life people.

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