Video Games with a scoring system have been around for a very long time. In fact, Guinness World Records lists 1976’s Sea Wolf as the first video game to record scores. This means that the idea of a high score in a video game was around before I was even born, and about nine years before the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States. While there were definitely games that tracked time-based scoring, like 1982’s Pole Position, high scores based on an increasing point total were still the central focus of competition in the early days of arcade gaming. This competition sparked an idea by a man named Walter Day, who started his own scoreboard website called Twin Galaxies.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding Walter Day and Twin Galaxies: “In mid-1981, Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies, Inc., visited more than 100 video game arcades over four months, recording the high scores that he found on each game. On November 10, he opened his…

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