A lot of people in the world, especially the youths enjoy playing video games for long hours. More than 97% of American teens play video games at least one time in their lifetime. It is extraordinary to find these kinds of numbers enjoying other forms of activities not unless in class or during sleeping hours. The sole reason why most youths, especially teens, turn to video games is that it is a play. In the end, a lot of us enjoy the play since it is fun for all!

There are so many reasons why most people choose an upgrade of their childhood. In the 20th century, most people grew up playing outdoor games with their neighbors or siblings. The technology was in existence, but not many households implemented the same in their homes. With the introduction of video games, many youths started embracing them primarily due to the benefits they come with as discussed below;

1. Competence

Have you ever started on a game or doing something fun like a play, only for you to spend countless hours mastering the art? Often, we tend to practice things until we become champions at them. Most youths seek out opportunities that challenge them and in turn master the concept regardless of how hard it seems.

For this reason, most of the video gamers have been using specific tools that help teens in discovering their skills. As one progresses in levels, the game becomes harder making people become more challenged. If you choose to give up, that will be up to you. Nevertheless, an apt youth will crack their brain to the end of it. This gives competence even in other fields of life.

2. Autonomy

Some years back, many youths were subjected to choices made by their parents or other older people in society. They desired to have a moment when they would rule their world, and become self-independent when it came to making some choices in life. In video games, it is up to the player to make an independent decision on the direction of the game. Making decisions helps one in key development into adulthood.

The decision to pick up the controller, sit on ace bayou x rocker gaming chair, command the players, and make decisions for his/her team gives autonomy to youth, something rare to find especially when leaving under the care of parents or guardians.

3. Relating things

In life, most youths have already watched war movies or something that gives adventure in specific environments. When one involves themselves in video games, they tend to come in terms and experience these things on a one-on-one level. These include soldiers, superheroes, and band members, among others. At this level, youths want to relate more with others since it is always a human desire to want to have a connection with people and things surrounding them.

In some games, you have to become friends with other people players for you to overcome a particular enemy. This will, in turn, create positive relationships with those around them. By finding the right way to exist with society, youths become more curious in finding other games that elevate these life skills. A bond will always come into existence whenever team players are taking a walk in dangerous paths. This creates deep connections with other players who believe in bonding for survival. Youths will fall in love with anything that teaches them in different ways to coexist in real life.

There are different reasons why youths choose video gaming over other activities. Teenagers are bound to like something like challenges them and bring the fun. Video games turned out to be this activity hence the popularity.



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