When it comes to online gaming you might assume that it is the fast-paced all singing-all dancing modern games that are front leaders in terms of popularity. However, although there is no denying that these games are extremely popular, there is still a lot of love out there for retro games. Whether you’re talking about games that are designed to look vintage or you’re interested in looking up a simulator to play a game for your childhood you’ll find plenty of options – but what makes retro slot games so popular?

They’re Familiar

Brand recognition is a big deal throughout most industries and the gaming industry is certainly no exception. If you’re a new casino starting out then it can be hard to work your way up to being a brand that people recognise – and this can dent your chances of people feeling safe enough to share their details and join your site. However, by using retro slots you’re creating a feeling of people knowing the game and this can help a site overcome the problem of not being familiar enough to new customers.

They’re Associated with Core Memories

We tend to look back at childhood with rose-tinted glasses, remembering big events with fondness & associating whatever we were doing at the time with this. For many people, this means looking back at old computer games they used to enjoy & popular franchises from back in the day. This means that when we see old retro games like Crash Bandicoot & Mario Bros, we’re reminded of a time when life was a little less stressed – it’s a time we want to remember and we would love to feel like that again and playing the same games we did when we were younger can be a step to feeling like that.


They’re Easy To Play

Modern-day games can seem complicated, especially if you’re out of practice when it comes to gaming. Technological advances mean that even slot games and casino entertainment can seem much more complicated than they once did. Retro games tend to be from a time when computer games were much less advanced and therefore are much easier to play. This makes retro games something that the whole family can enjoy together; rather than younger players feeling left out because they’re not able to keep up with a complicated game.

They’re a Whole Heap of Fun

Of course, you also have the fact that retro games are a whole heap of fun. Game developers have worked hard to create games that people enjoy and are happy to spend their time on. Within the casino industry, it also needs to be a game that people are going to be happy to spend their money on. Fun-filled retro games are definitely a way to help make this happen.

Everyone has their own reasons for liking retro games and they’ll make everyone feel differently. However, one thing for sure is that as popular as these ultra-modern games are, there is something to be said for simple, familiar feeling games too. The thing to give thought about is what will retro gaming look like in 20 years? Will people still be playing the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pacman or will the popular games of 2022 be the ones that people look back on fondly and remember? Of course, only time can tell but our bet would be that there will be a mixture of both and that it will be a while before the retro games we know and love disappear.

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