Organizing your home is one of the best ways to improve your living space, make your life simpler, and, most importantly, improve your mental health. When you tidy the space around you, you are, in effect, tidying your own mind.

Indeed, anyone who has ever tidied their home properly knows what a positive effect it can have on your productivity, as your subconscious worries about mess and difficulty you may find completing tasks in this environment melt away.

However, there can be no doubt that organizing your home is time-consuming, which can easily tire you out. When this happens, it is important to take a break.

Not only will this re-energize you for when you continue your organizing, but it will also stop you from burning out and losing motivation to complete more jobs in the future.

There are a number of things you can do when you take a break from organizing your home or a room in your home, such as your kitchen space, and each will benefit you in different ways.

This is what to do when you need a break from organizing your home:

Distract yourself with an online game

One of the best ways to unwind during your break is by playing an online game.

This is because online games are literally designed to distract you from everyday life. When you submerge yourself in an engrossing game, all the stress associated with organizing your home drifts away.

As a result, you will recover much faster and feel refreshed when you resume your chores. One of the best games to play to help you relax is bingo. Bingo is fast-paced, easy to follow, and doesn’t last too long, meaning that you can squeeze in plenty of games during a break. You can also play bingo online with others, making it a fun social experience. For example, you could try bingo games at Cafe where there is a great variety of games.

Watch TV

Another great idea is to watch TV. This is similar to the online game in that it is largely designed to distract you from any troubles in your daily life, but it differs in the sense that it is a passive rather than an active pastime.

By switching on the television and watching your favorite show (or even just flick through the channels), you can completely switch your brain off.

This will relax your mind and allow it to recharge without forcing it to stay alert during your break.

Go for a walk

If you fancy being more active during your break from organizing the house, then you could go take a walk around the block.

The benefits of walking are seemingly endless. You can breathe in some fresh air, which does your body a world of good. You can also exercise, get the blood pumping around your body, and feel the sun against your skin (yes, even if it’s winter).

Furthermore, take a walk through a rural area such as a woodland. By observing nature, you stand a chance of entering a meditative state, which calms you down and takes your mind off of organizing.

The result of all this is a fantastic combination of physical exercise, cathartic meditation, and vitamin D exposure. Of course, the best part of walking is that it is completely free.

 Take a bath

Alternatively, you could light some scented candles, plunge a bath bomb into the steaming water and take a long, hot bath.

It doesn’t take a genius to know how relaxing baths can be. They open up your skin pores, relax your muscles and give you a rare moment of complete peace.

This option is especially tempting if you have been on your feet all day and fancy resting up for a while.


Although going out for a walk or running yourself a bath are undoubtedly worthy forms of meditation, you could go a step further and meditate ‘properly’. This is to say, to take a moment to close your eyes, empty your mind of conscious thought and focus on your breathing.

This more conventional form of meditation will quickly stop your mind from running at a thousand miles an hour and allow your heart rate (which will likely spike when you are rushing around, organizing your home) to return to normal.

Meditating is arguably the best way to refresh your mind and body, allowing you to complete your next batch of tasks with renewed vigor.

Reward yourself for your hard work

Lastly, you must reward yourself for all your hard work organizing your home. This may take whatever form that takes your fancy, but it needs to be a suitable reward for the amount of effort exerted.

This is so important (aside from being pleasurable) because it tells your brain that when you work hard, you are immediately rewarded. It is far more persuasive when you are demotivated and think of procrastinating about your chores than merely telling yourself to do it.



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