If you’re an ardent video gamer, you’ve probably noticed the current changes in the gaming industry. The graphics have become better with good visuals and other game features. Similarly, you can now enjoy a pretty large game variety, including the exciting moolah casino game. But if this is the case with modern gaming, why are Retro games still gaining popularity over most modern video games?

In an epic rise of the living dead, Retro games have soared to popularity. Just like the Xbox One and PS4, there’s more to what these games offer today than the usual nostalgia. For instance, culture and the incredible sensation they add to the gaming experience are among the few reasons many gamers aren’t ready to let them loose. This article goes a notch higher to highlight why their popularity isn’t likely to decline anytime soon.

1.    They Have Unmatched Originality

One of the few aspects players look at in a game is its originality. The aspect has a significant bearing on the overall gaming experience and may determine whether you’ll play again or ditch the game forever. While Retro games aren’t far much advanced, one thing you’ll never go wrong with them is their unmatched originality.

They have some of the most incredible storylines you’ll ever find in any video game. From the bubble-breathing dragon-themed storylines to the android warrior Mega Man, you can’t compare their exceptionality to the modern video games.

And unlike modern-day games that only rely on overused concepts, the storyline ideas behind top Retro games have never been done before. As a result, players who value uniqueness would surely want to play a game that isn’t necessarily a remake of an ancient game.

2.    A Truly Challenging Game Experience

You can’t deny modern video games are both challenging and exciting. Some developers are even designing games with increasing difficulty to give your brain a little mental exercise. But make no mistake, the difficulty you experience in modern video games is nothing compared to that of ancient Retro games.

There’s also this belief that many modern video games are gradually becoming easier. For instance, some video games now have added checkpoints and assisted aims to ensure you enjoy a ‘smooth’ gaming experience. Developers of most top modern video games only focus on the game narrative without caring much about difficulty.

From the past, Retro games developers have been known for developing challenging games that offer game enthusiasts a hard-core experience. An inexperienced player will take hundreds of game rounds to crack the next gaming level. Furthermore, some retro games don’t even let you stop at checkpoints. It’s either you play to finish or lose all the progress made.

3.    The Games Have a Sense of Durability

Durability is a crucial aspect in most Retro games. Today’s generation of gamers may argue these games have bulky and unappealing consoles. However, the truth is these vintage game consoles offer more to players even with their bulkiness.

Most developers built these consoles knowing they’ll last longer. Hardly will you experience system meltdown if you try rebooting them. Unlike most modern video game consoles, there is always a reassurance you’ll enjoy a great gaming experience devoid of failures and other system issues.

For instance, Retro game consoles like the Super Nintendo classic system and Genesis always work no matter their last use. Despite the lack of contemporary technology infused in their development, there’s an assurance about how long they can serve you compared to modern video game machines.

4.    Simple But Superior Characters

Character superiority and simplicity are other key reasons why Retro games and consoles from the old ages are gaining popularity over the modern titles. To most players, it’s not just about the latest technology and design of the games and their consoles. But also the character superiority you’ll find with the specific game you’re playing.

That’s why these games are still ruling with their unique but straightforward characters. The Retro game characters from the 80s and 90s like Pac-Man and Mario that captured the imagination of the then entire generation of players are still impactful today. This is probably because you won’t find such original and unique characters in modern-day games.

Modern-day games may possess great graphics and gameplay, but the characters and narrative are all incomparable to the old-age games. Besides, hardly will you come across video tutorials or cheats codes dedicated to helping you gain an ‘upper hand’ while playing. The games are just raw, requiring you to use your brain.  And even though we can’t predict what the future holds, it’s highly doubtful current titles will get any closer to Retro favourites like “Grand Theft Auto.”

5.    The Games Are Less Expensive

It’s needless to say that owning a modern-day gaming console will require you to dig deeper into your pockets. This reason alone has made many players to revolt against these games and opt for cheaper options. Retro games often come on top of the list as an affordable option that’ll guarantee an even better gaming experience.

Modern game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation are not within everyone’s budget. To own one of these consoles, you have to be willing to spend a little bit more. On top of that, these consoles come with regular upgrades, add-ons, expansion packs, and in-game purchases. You need to acquire all of them to complete the game.

This is a turn-off to gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy their gaming experience without draining their pockets. Their lack of classic appeal, which you can easily find in any Retro game, makes them easily dispensable. Better yet, Retro video games allow you to play from start to finish for the game’s price without any further add-ons.

The Takeaway

No one could have predicted Retro games would have the same relevance they are enjoying today. The technological evolution alone was enough testament these games won’t stand the test of time against the fancy and more technologically advanced modern video games. But as it stands, most gaming enthusiasts aren’t done yet with the classic Retro games. We may as well witness them even in the next millennium!

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