Why Are Players Returning to Retro Gaming?

Gamers worldwide are turning their focus from graphics-focused FPS and role-playing AAA games to games packed with nostalgia. This phenomenon makes sense. As adult life gets more complex, escape into games from another era becomes more common. But that isn’t the only reason why retro games are making a comeback. Read on to discover what differentiates retro games from modern ones, what makes them so appealing to gamers from all generations, what gamers gain from playing them, and other ideas for relaxing games to play.

What Makes a Video Game “Retro”?

There are two kinds of retro games. In the first group we have actual vintage games. These include everyone’s favorite old-school arcade games like PAC-MAN or console games like Donkey Kong. The second group consists of contemporary games explicitly made to look vintage. They might have two-dimensional graphics, simple music, limited gameplay, and a less involved storyline when compared to modern AAA titles. Both kinds of games have gotten extremely popular in recent years.

Why Play Retro Video Games Over Modern Ones?

Modern video games are known for their excellent sound, 3D graphics, and immersive gameplay. You can play with people worldwide, lose yourself in a game, or blow off some steam. But retro games still have appeal, too.

Most people who enjoy retro gaming are looking for a more straightforward gaming experience. Maybe they want to de-stress without the pressure of competition. Perhaps they want to enjoy gaming with their children who are too young for today’s complex games. Still, others are looking to revisit a time when everything in life was less complicated.

Nostalgia does play a part in choosing to go retro over modern. As GenX and Millenials get older, they love revisiting a variety of childhood favorites. Prairie dresses might not be the best example of ’80’s trends to make a comeback, but the games everyone played with their friends? Those are ripe for the picking. There’s just something soothing about 2D Mario, or making your Tetris blocks fit together. After all, every game you play today has its foundation in these classic games.

Who Plays Retro Games?

The short answer? Anyone and everyone. The long answer is that the demand for true retro and retro-style games spans generations. Gen X-ers and millennials who played Nintendo, Sega, and grew up in arcades are now playing with their own kids. Younger adults who came of age playing first-gen role-playing and FPS games also see the appeal of going retro. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are. If you like playing vintage games, play them. Plain and simple!

What Other Games Can You Play?

You can play everything! From Solitaire to Taipei, there are scores of games available out there. More games like jigsaw puzzles, word searches, and crosswords are available in a variety of formats. Just take some time to try out lots of games to see what you like.

Even “old” games are gaining a modern twist. Some are available online or as mobile apps in addition to console versions. Other games have been reincarnated in a way by using old ideas for new games. This move to digital formats greatly improves accessibility. If someone can’t operate a game controller, going digital means that regardless of limitations, they can still enjoy playing a variety of games. Even games of chance are going digital. With top mobile casinos, anyone can enjoy a quick round of two of their favorite classic casino game!

Final Thoughts

Gaming is fun and relaxing. People play to make connections with friends, family, and strangers. The recent rise in popularity of retro games is tied to a number of factors. In difficult times, adults seek comfort and familiarity. They want to escape to a more fun time and place, and these games help them do that.

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