White Water, Red & Ted’s Road Show and Hurricane will be released on May 28 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also to the iOS Appstore and Google Play on Mobile.

Volume 4 brings you a wild set of tables. We know a lot of you are especially looking forward to White Water, a unique fan-favorite machine. With one of the most satisfying ramps in pinball — at least in my opinion —  a prominent, furry Bigfoot toy, and an innovative multilayered playfield, this pin will fit quite nicely into your collection.

Red & Ted’s Road Show offers a wide body and takes you from coast to coast of the United States, as you look for fun and travel to 18 different cities! Smash cabs in New York, party at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and meet monsters in San Francisco, to name a few. With a built-in shaker motor and the evolution of Williams’ PinMation™ concept, this table is packed with features.

Hurricane, a 1991 classic, is the last table in Barry Oursler’s amusement park trilogy and the finishing piece of Williams Pinball Volume 4. A quirky atmosphere, long, flowing ramps, and a 3D-animated clown that we’ve added to Remastered mode guarantee the carnival feeling as you ride the Ferris wheels and the titular ride itself — the Hurricane!

This release brings a brand new feature too! Our pinball team here at Zen Studios is on a mission to elevate our pinball simulation to higher and higher levels. This newest improvement to Pinball FX3 is a redesigned flipper physics system for the Williams Pinball Volume 4 tables. The flippers now behave more like their real-life counterparts, meaning they react to the weight of the ball, and they wobble when snapping to upright position and when going back down.

We’d like to thank the mods and operators of digitalpinballfans.com for helping us test out this new feature, and we’d like to ask for the feedback of you in the broader community as well. The Pro Physics introduced with Williams Pinball last fall achieved its current form with your help — a practice we’d like to continue into the future!