Pump up the jam! Windjammers / Flying Power Disc was an absolute fun fest when it originally came out for the NEO-GEO MVS in the arcade, and now it’s available to play on the iiRcade!

Windjammers takes the simple concept of Pong and throws it into a professional sports setting. It’s effectively one-on-one Pong meets volleyball as you square off with opponents around the world to become the Windjammers champion. Discs can be thrown at various angles and at different speeds depending on long the player holds onto the disc. To score, toss the disc into the opponent’s goal, but it isn’t that simple. One wrong toss and your opponent can intercept the disc and fire it back at you with superhuman strength and speed. To add to the challenge, several different selectable fields are available that provide additional obstacles and challenges.













Windjammers is easily the most approachable competitive two-player game on the iiRcade, and its fast rounds make for the perfect local tournament game. Windjammers was meant to be played on an arcade stick setup, so don’t miss this one.

Purchase Windjammers for iiRcade here: https://store.iircade.com/games/139

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