For a Sci-Fi fan growing up in the early 90’s nothing was more exciting than watching Star Trek: TNG on TV or one of my VHS tapes from the Star Wars trilogy. Although I did play a few Sci-Fi genre games growing up, (Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by Interplay and Space Quest
were my 2 favorites at the time)

I was truly longing for something to satisfy my cravings for a whole new universe to explore filled full of characters I had not yet met. That all changed the day I installed the 1st Wing Commander game on my PC. Created by genius game designer Chris Roberts, Wing Commander was everything I had been looking for. It was a truly cinematic experience unlike anything I had experienced in gaming up to that point. It was like I was acting in my own movie, my success or failure during missions had a direct impact on the lives of the characters. I was hooked and it took me on a journey of playing through all of the Wing Commander games. I look back on the first Wing Commander game with great fondness as it was the one that started it all for me and countless other PC gamers.

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