The future of PS VR2 is still particularly uncertain, especially for a PlayStation-stamped platform. VR finally put away with its infernal forest of cables.

The PlayStation VR2 has arrived, and with it comes a new chance for virtual reality games to capture the attention of the console audience after the honorable test run of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first headset in 2016. Quite a few things have changed since then, by the way.

While the Internet is discussing Bitcoin Online Casino, we have more to say about Resident Evil Village. The PC had the Half-Life: Alyx revelation, but it was Meta that established itself as the boss of the sector with its wireless and standalone Quest range. Meta continues to invest in the industry by regularly buying studios (Beat Games, Ready At Dawn, Sanzaru Games, Twisted Pixel, Camouflaj, Armature…) and is already preparing the release of a Quest 3 this year.

Watch out, it’s really immersive as well as Bitcoin casino free spins like many people said about 2023 trends. In comparison, Sony appears to be an agitator who still wants to believe in VR but without daring to invest fully: no purchase of a specialized studio in sight and above all the fact that Horizon Call of the Mountain remains the only original title to date from its own studios. At the same time, the few big publishers who were motivated at the time of the first PS VR (Ubisoft and Bethesda, in particular) now have their heads elsewhere. In this context, and at the price of the console + headset combo, it’s better to take seriously Shuhei Yoshida’s prophecy: more than ever, it will be the independents who will take risks and make VR (over)live as much as possible. Did you say PS Vita? No? But you thought so.

A little background

Depending on whether you’re discovering virtual reality for the first time or you’re experienced with wearing a headset, impressions can be very different. So as a preamble, a little background on my relationship to VR, which I discovered with the launch of PS VR in October 2016. Unable to picture the experience on paper, the slap was immediate and the word immersion so often used in the jargon of the videogame press suddenly took its true meaning. The hours spent in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Rez Infinite, Thumper, Resident Evil 7, Driveclub VR, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Déraciné, Beat Saber, Blood & Truth, Moss or this delicious little piece of Ace Combat 7 will not have taken over the traditional game, but the feeling of being able to experience such new sensations after so many years of playing will stay in my memory.

The PS VR finally put away with its infernal forest of cables, I then spent almost 3 years without the slightest contact with virtual reality, not far from giving in to the call of the Quest 2 when Resident Evil 4 was released, to finally wait for the PS VR2. Despite this prolonged abstinence and the pleasure of diving back into VR, I have to admit before anything else that this second introduction didn’t provoke in me the same magical moment as in 2016. It was predictable, but still quite confusing in the sense that I felt like I never really stopped playing VR games. I deduce that even with a very long break, the brain is not able to forget that it has already assimilated this technology. But “wow effect” or not, the important thing here is that the PS VR2 holds two top AAA experiences.

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