Since sports games were pretty much the only driving force in terms of software towards the end of the Xbox console’s lifespan, it seemed only fair to cover a game that actually would have some mass appeal to it. Thankfully, Capcom delivered a fantastic collection of 20 arcade games from its back catalog, where even the pickiest of video game fans can find something to enjoy. While some of Capcom’s most dominant arcade titles are present in this collection, it’s great to see some of their lesser-known titles like The Speed Rumbler in the line-up. Emulation for all titles is very accurate. Thanks to the variety of these games featuring co-op, it’s a fun collection to take on with a friend for many different adventures. Unfortunately, the collection itself now fetches a high price tag, considering the Xbox was on its way out, and this particular version had a small print run. Those looking to add this game to their library can expect to spend at least $150.00 on it.

• 1941: Counter Attack
• Avengers
• Black Tiger
• Block Block…… (Click article for more of the list)

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