These arcade video game products that are built and ready to be shipped now are ¾ scale arcade and bar top units that you just add your monitor and arcade board or Raspberry Pi or PC to and you are ready to go.

Yes, with August just around the corner, the summer heat has taken its toll on most of us by now and you may be in need of a FUN, indoor air-conditioned family project. Our XtensionTMAlpha-Cade Series arcade machines are compact, affordable, versatile and easy to set up. This awesome little arcade machine offers the best retro arcade in-home entertainment, your family will consistently enjoy for years to come!

Proudly manufactured in the United States of America, we employ hard-working Americans to bring you the very best quality products. Rec Room Masters have been building controllers, upright full-scale arcade machines, cabinets, arcade furniture and more since 2010 in suburban Atlanta, GA.

Check out more information at RecRoomMasters.Com and additional questions can be answered by contacting the below:


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