In 2010, three visionaries, Vince Clemente, Adam Cornelius, and Robin Mihara (NWC 1990 Finalist), crossed paths on their separate journeys to find the “Best NES Tetris Player on the Planet”. After holding a tournament in Los Angeles and documenting their finding in a film called Ecstasy of Order, players became bonded and pushed one another to that MAXOUT score (999,999). A supportive community was formed and a regular tournament (now moved to Portland, OR) was created. As Twitch entered the lives of gamers, the Classic Tetris (CT) community showed their presence, and the CTWC could be streamed LIVE. The CT hype hit the ceiling in 2017 when a CTWC finals parody video went viral on YouTube, Boom Tetris for Jeff. The CTWC videos were now hitting the right YouTube algorithm, drawing in new and younger players by the bus loads. In 2018 the CTWC showed a major influx of teenagers who could hypertap, a style of playing that was only talked about in myths. Within ten years, the CTWC has brought a new life to the classic NES Tetris, making its mark on ESPN2 as an annual special event.

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