It’s another fine day in the big city. And at the Big City Video
Game Museum, it’s always better than fine.


All these classic games are available, and my job is simple – choose among them and group them into an interesting display. Something that people will want to watch. Play. Experience.

I had spent the last several months gearing up for what I hoped
was going to be an awesome display. It was going to be the history of racing games. I was even going to separate the area into two. One area would have sprite based racing games like Night Driver, Monaco GP, and Super Sprint (with plenty of room for elbows when people started spinning the wheels) to laserdisc games to 3D racers like Daytona USA and Hard Drivin’. I had even managed to find a Speed Freak machine; a vector machine from 1975 that no one knew would form the basics of the modern racer.

But before I could even get to my office and enjoy my morning
tea, my assistant, Horace, raced up to me on the floor. “We need
to talk. Now.”

He doesn’t interrupt my quiet time, so I knew it was important. We went to my office and I locked the door. He took a seat at my desk. This wasn’t the time to correct him, so I took a chair in front of it.

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