A super rare game is coming to the Nintendo Switch by Atari. Legendary games developer Jeff Minter brings you this latest title in the Atari catalog this year. Atari has really made an impression with new games for the consumer. For most that don;t know, this game was originally released in prototype form in 1982, but was scrapped due to test audiences finding it too difficult, leaving only three known cabinets with the title to this day.

Atari has now released the below trailer showcasing what the game will look like on Switch and it is easy to see why folks might have struggled with it in the past.

Mystifying Modes to Master: With two modes of play, pilots can start from the beginning and battle their way through 50 unique levels, or pick up where they left off to power through to the end

Accessibility is Key: Though Llamasoft is known for mind-blowing and vivid visual effects, not everyone is able to enjoy them. Luckily, in the remake players are able to toggle the visual effects to a more suitable level.

data captured from Nintendo Life


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