It’s the comeback of the most famous duo of PixelHeart: Alice and her little sister! After having saved their mother from a tragic end, the two sisters will try to defeat the terrible villain of the mountains this time.

You can find on our website two limited editions containing the game cartridge, a manual and a certificate of authenticity.
We guarantee that our retrogaming games are as close as possible to the quality of the packaging of the games of the time. We use professionals to manufacture each of our products.
You will have the choice between two versions: a MEGADRIVE version and a GENESIS version.
500 copies of each will be available on our website.


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About the game:

The big bad of the mountains has captured Alice and her sister’s mom, help them save their mother!
Each of the sisters have their own power, Alice can change her size by jumping on the magic mushrooms. Her small size will allow her to pass through narrow spaces, but be careful because she won’t be able to jump very high or very far! Alice’s sister can send bullets to repel enemies or break rocks. Go through the levels and solve puzzles by activating the right lever, the right switch, and by finding the colored keys to open the different doors. Beware of the various enemies!




Key features:

28 levels in 4 worlds
4 levels of gameplay
Many Puzzles to solve
2 player cooperative mode

• Release: Summer 2022
• Support: Megadrive / Genesis
• Genre: Platformer 2D
• Developer: Orion Soft
• Publisher: PixelHeart





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