Amico HomeTM

The Intellivision team is excited to announce the public beta release of Amico HomeTM for Android®! Amico HomeTM is the Amico console gaming experience delivered on other hardware platforms that many people already own. We are starting with Android® and iOS® mobile devices, premiering now on Android® and coming later to Apple iOS®.

Install the free Amico HomeTM app1 on a compatible Android® device to turn it into an Intellivision Amico gaming console. A tablet is a good choice for the console device because the larger screen is easier for all players to view together. Or, choose a device that supports a wired HDMI® connection2 to your TV for a big-screen experience with family and friends!

Turn additional Android® or iOS3 devices into Amico controllers by installing the free Amico Controller app. Connect as many as eight controllers to Amico HomeTM 4.

There are two game apps available now and more coming soon. Astrosmash®  and Missile Command® are available today with Shark! Shark!™ and Side Swipers™ following soon and more in the months to come.

As a beta release, you will find the apps in the “Be the first to try” section of Google Play® Store, or simply go to the Intellivision Amico publisher page on Google Play® Store, or search for the specific app names.

We welcome any private feedback you’d like to send us through the “Write feedback” link on the store page of each app. Your bug reports and suggestions will help us improve the experience for you and for future customers when we roll out of beta into full product marketing to families around the globe.

For many households that already have a family tablet, Amico HomeTM is an affordable way to enjoy family gaming entertainment.  We are delighted to invite you to join the family gaming revolution today with Amico HomeTM!

Amico ClubTM

Along with the release of Amico HomeTM, we are launching a brand new Amico ClubTM website as a central location to manage your Amico gaming experience. Create an Amico ClubTM account to access unique content, special offers and features.

If you are one of our valued Amico Console pre-order customers, you can confirm your deposit on the site to enable access to Amico HomeTM download codes for the console pack-in games as they become available on Amico HomeTM for Android® .

If you are one of our valued Limited Collector’s Boxed Edition owners, you can register your boxed edition products on the site to access download codes for those games as they become available on Amico HomeTM for Android® .  Your physical products will, of course, still be good for installing the games on the Amico console.

Amico Console

Our ability to begin manufacturing Amico consoles in volume requires securing additional investment. The release of Amico HomeTM puts us on a better footing to attract such investment or to eventually fund manufacturing from the proceeds of Amico HomeTM game sales.  We remain dedicated to moving Intellivision forward, step by step, until we can deliver on the full vision of Amico, including the consoles. Thank you to all of our console pre-order and boxed edition game customers for supporting our mission to bring people together with simple, affordable, family entertainment.
We have designed Amico HomeTM to support the Amico hardware controllers via a Bluetooth® connection. Releasing Amico hardware controllers to the market is a critical next step in our manufacturing strategy.

Amico Future

The Amico HomeTM app and games for Apple® iOS® are coming next. We will announce a release date for the public beta in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning for Amico HomeTM We will continue evaluating opportunities to move Amico HomeTM onto additional hardware gaming platforms to expand the reach of Amico family-friendly gaming.

Already, Amico HomeTM for Android®  allows hundreds of millions of people around the globe to turn their mobile devices into local-multiplayer gaming systems in a few easy steps. This new channel will allow us to publish Amico games we’ve already developed and to continue developing new games in the exciting space of local multiplayer gaming with our unique Amico Controller.

The Amico controller’s touchscreen opens a new frontier in video game design where individual players can receive private information from the game. To help us explore this new landscape, we plan to make the Amico Game API for Unity® available to third party and independent developers.

Third party and independent games that meet Amico standards for family friendly gaming will be featured in the Amico HomeTM app, and the very best will be available for the Amico console. We look forward to growing the local multiplayer space with talented developers from all around the world!

Final Words

As we enter the holiday season and reflect on all the good people we have in our lives, we wish to express our gratitude to all who have helped us reach this milestone with Amico HomeTM and who motivate us to keep going.

For our families who supported us and endured with us through the lean times,

For our Intellivision team members, past and present, who dedicated themselves to our mission,

For our talented game development partners from around the world who made amazing games,

For our business partners and investors who put their trust in us and show us patience,

For our console and Amico HomeTM testers who gave their time and improved the products,

And especially for our customers who pre-ordered consoles and purchased Boxed Edition games, showing to us and the world that there is a desire for games that bring friends and family together,

For all of you, we feel deep humbling gratitude, and though it is not enough, we say from our hearts, THANK YOU.

We hope that you have the opportunity over the holidays to spend time with your loved ones and to have some fun together with Amico HomeTM.  Best holiday wishes from all of us at Intellivision.


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