Yeah, it’s a hot and humid afternoon in Austin, Texas, and at the Palmer Events Center, Jaden Berk is surrounded. Jaden jukes and jives from place to place to face those surrounding him head-on with enthusiastic energy. If you were thinking zombies straight out of Resident Evil surrounded Jaden, you would be incorrect. Instead, Jaden is helping hungry retro gamers at his booth at Classic Game Fest find the games on their want list. From the moment the convention doors opened, Jaden’s massive booth: The Holy Grail Video Game Store is an essential stop at the retro video game convention. After the show, we sat down to talk to Jaden to understand how this positively energetic video game entrepreneur started his game store at such a young age.

Born and raised in Warren, Ohio, in 2001, Jaden Berk quickly became wrapped up in the world of pinball and video games. His gateway into pinball was an easy one as Jaden is the son of Robert Berk, the COO of Berk Enterprises. Robert is also the founder and chairman of the legendary Pinball Expo, which will be running for its 37th year this October. Getting the chance to play a…..

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