If you remember Arkanoid; an arcade game first developed by Taito in 1986, with the bat like device scrolling from side to side at the bottom of the screen, bouncing an orb back and forth and smashing blocks for a high score, then you might like this latest speccy news story. As Saberman was kind enough to let us know, that Nuno Cardoso has made available his Portuguese MOD/Hack game of ‘Arkanoid’ called ‘Arkanoid 3’. A version of the game which has brand new levels for you to play through and enjoy

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In short here is what Planet Sinclair says about the game: “this supplement contains the analysis of Arkanoid III, a Portuguese MOD which involved the reverse engineering and a lot of changes to some aspects of the game. Furthermore with Nuno Cardoso reverse-engineered the block system and, with that information, João Fernandes created a simple editor to be able to build the new levels. There are 33 in total, 32 with the usual blocks, enemies and bonuses that slide across the screen, and the last one where we have to defeat the Big Boss, similar to what happens in the original game”.

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