The Asteroids Replicade cabinet will feel like a step back to those that have invested and played previous Replicade cabinets in the lineup. From an emulation perspective, Asteroids lacks the full speed frame pre­sentation of the arcade original. Perhaps it’s because the original arcade cabinet ran on a vector-based monitor, but the Asteroids Replicade seems to draw objects at half the speed when compared to it. You can eventually overlook the frame rate, but the speed dif­ference will instantly become apparent when you play on an original Asteroids cabinet.

Another major pitfall of this miniature cabinet is, oddly enough, its accuracy of the original arcade cabinet design. The Asteroids cabinet was designed with an inward slope and a straight window view of the monitor. This design is not an issue with the full-sized cabinet but shrinking it down to a 1/6th scale presents challenges when attempting to play it from a top-down viewing angle. I found playing it on my standing desk the most optimal way to play it, but this may be frus­trating if you plan on playing this cabinet regularly and lack the appropriate angle to play it.

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