Atari Partners with Alan-1 to Bring New Atari Recharged Games to Arcades Nationwide

Tooele, UTAH – March 12, 2024 – Alan-1, Inc. (, a video game studio and manufacturer of coin-operated arcade game cabinets, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the iconic game publisher Atari.  Alan-1 has been selected by Atari to create new arcade games cabinets for their Recharged games. These cabinets will be designed for Family Fun Centers, Barcades, and other location-based entertainment (LBE) venues.  This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enriching the location-based arcade experience by the company that created the most endearing coin-operated video games in the world.

“Our games will be new and fresh while providing nostalgic experiences. We have also created fun, innovative classic game mechanics combined with modern interactive mechanical effects that will delight players of all generations,” said Luke Anderson, Chief Game Designer (CGD) at Alan-1.   “We look forward to releasing several games in collaboration with Atari over the years and bringing them to many locations nationwide.  It is our hope that a new generation will experience the thrill and excitement of competitive location based hyper-casual arcade fun.”

“The Recharged Series has reintroduced some of Atari’s most recognized and celebrated titles to new generations of players,” said Ethan Zoubek, President of Atari. “We are excited to be working with a leader in the arcade space to bring these games to an even wider audience.”

The collaboration between Atari and Alan-1 will include the release of at least ten full-sized Recharged arcade game cabinets over the next three years.  Alan-1’s Video Arcade System™ (VAS) will power Atari’s Recharged game cabinets.  It features modern interactive mechanical effects inspired by virtual pinball technology–including pinball knockers, shaker motors, blower fans, etc. These additional features will interact with the player’s in-game experiences.

The VAS will also include a ticket redemption system based on scores as well as a robust high score tournament league system– Major League eSports™ (MLeS). This technology will include iPhone/Android notifications, which will invite players to periodically return to the location where the Atari/Alan-1 game was played and beat the high score.  The combination of modern day LBE ticket redemption expectations, along with eSports League innovations, is an industry first.  Alan-1’s Major League eSports™ and Video Arcade System™ technology helps arcade operators drive more revenue, increase profitability, and makes playing games on a dedicated game cabinet more fun!

Each new Atari/ Alan-1 video game cabinet released will resonate with older and younger generations, while upholding the legacy of the Atari brand.  Both companies are committed to creating and producing products that meet the highest standards of artistic quality and authenticity, and at the same time, delivering happiness.


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