A Vibrant Throwback to the Atari Cover Art of Yesteryear

What’s old is new again, as today, iconic entertainment producer Atari and award-winning developer ARVORE revealed the official game art for Pixel Ripped 1978, the upcoming virtual reality adventure set in Atari’s pivotal early years.

The new game art, Atari says, was directed by Tim Lapetino and designed by prolific comic artist and NYT best-selling illustrator Phil Noto. Lapetino is a prolific video game preservationist and passionate advocate for all things retro gaming. He’s also the author and visionary behind Art of Atari, a detailed stroll through the history of Atari’s art design spanning game design through to the most iconic cartridge box art of all time. His deep knowledge and insight into the art styles and design nuances of classic Atari box art lended in the creation of the visually nostalgic new box art for Pixel Ripped 1978, a game that explores the way-back of video game history with today’s most innovative technology.

In Pixel Ripped 1978’s alternate reality, the Pixel Ripped franchise was one of Atari’s early video game prototypes and one of the company’s most prized projects. To further play on this fun narrative, Lapetino brought in Phil Noto to illustrate the key art with his signature painterly style. The end result is a beautiful and deeply nostalgic call-back to Atari’s earlier box art designs that makes Pixel Ripped 1978 feel like it may have just come from those memorable golden years.

“In the ’70s and 1980s, Atari used dynamic artwork on packaging, game cartridges, and advertising to communicate the fun and energy of those emerging home video games. Each Atari title came wrapped in a beautiful, hand-drawn bit of storytelling that bridged the gap between joystick reality and the electronic worlds within,” said Tim Lapetino. “That artwork still resides in our pop culture consciousness, and we thought it would be quite appropriate to tap into that style for Pixel Ripped 1978. I considered quite a few artists for this game release, but at the end of the day, Phil Noto was the clear choice to capture that classic Atari montage style.”

About Pixel Ripped 1978:

Oozing classic arcade charm and boasting innovative mechanics sure to delight VR enthusiasts, Pixel Ripped 1978 calls back to the very genesis of gaming — a rich, colorful history where Atari takes center stage as the company that would ignite a multi billion dollar industry. Blending the magic of decades past with today’s technologically vibrant and diverse gaming landscape, Pixel Ripped 1978 uniquely showcases the fortitude and growth of the video game industry as we, the players, have grown with it.

In Pixel Ripped 1978, players will experience the magic and wonder of the blossoming video game industry during the golden age of home entertainment. Through the eyes of the game’s protagonist, Bug, players will travel between dimensions as they play games within games; a multi-layered adventure full of retro classics, unreleased gems, and undiscovered easter eggs. The collaboration with Atari means even more retro gaming goodness, as players will even be able to explore the iconic Atari headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

Pixel Ripped 1978 launches this summer on PC, PlayStation 5, PS VR2, and Meta Quest 2. Learn more at the official website.

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