Step Into the Golden Age of Video Games and Explore Atari Sunnyvale, Which Celebrates the Birthplace of Atari, and Experience Your Favorite Games in the Metaverse

Within Atari Sunnyvale players will be able to explore and interact with each other, and with NPCs based on Atari characters. Players can also participate in a number of quests and games, like hide and seek, with winners receiving rewards. The Crystal Castles experience is a game in which players race through a maze-like castle, collecting gems and fighting off enemies. Crystal CastlesTM is just the first of many games to come.

The Sandbox is an immersive virtual world where players can create virtual worlds and games, and take part in experiences created by others. The voxel gaming platform enables creators to craft, play, share, collect, and trade, all in a decentralized environment. Creators have secure ownership and copyright of their creations because all in-game items have a unique and immutable blockchain identifier. Atari Sunnyvale is launching as part of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3.

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“We are incredibly excited to share Atari Sunnyvale with The Sandbox community, and we know it will draw more Atari fans to the growing platform,” said Tyler Drewitz, Director of Atari X. “I am particularly eager for people to experience the elaborate and wondrous environments based on our games that have been created by Sandbox partner studio, Metaworld Entertainments.”

Atari remains one of the largest landholders in The Sandbox, and will continue to work with partners to develop more experiences to engage the player community over the coming years.

“The vision that the team at The Sandbox has, and the creativity and energy they bring to the project, makes them an ideal partner for Atari,” said Wade Rosen, Atari CEO. “We will continue to experiment and find new ways to bring programming to the open world, and look forward to bringing more experiences to players.”

A press kit with videos of Atari Sunnyvale is available here:

The new Crystal Castles trailer is available on YouTube:

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