Hello Fans!

The team entered the year 2019 with a lot of great momentum and excitement around the Atari VCS project, confident in our direction and progress. Atari is working with some of the top talent and companies in the business, all helping to implement the vision for both the product and all the elements that go into it.

This project’s integrity and backers’ emotional and financial investments are and will always be our top priorities. Today’s new Atari VCS blog, linked below, discusses our recent decision to upgrade to an all-new AMD chip, and its impact on the product’s delivery which is now end of 2019.

When reading the blog, we hope you all appreciate the reasons why we decided to make this upgrade and why, when given an opportunity to improve the product in exchange for a new delivery date, we chose to upgrade. Working together with project partners and stakeholders, we took the time to fully-mature this important decision before making it public. The team is listening to your comments and questions and are confident that this change positively reflects many of our fans’ and backers’ feedback.

We also acknowledge your requests for more frequent updates, but please bear in mind that Atari and its partners are constrained by mutually-agreed approval processes and other restrictions that may be legal, self-imposed, regulatory and/or some combination of these. Details about the product(s) and strategies of both Atari and its partners can and will be shared only when all stakeholders agree.

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

— The Atari VCS Team

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