AtGames® Partners with Zen Studios, Announce New AtGames Legends 4K Pinball Machines, Including The Addams Family™ Standard Edition

AtGames, a leader in interactive entertainment products, is thrilled to announce its new Legends 4K Pinball product line as well as a partnership with Zen Studios, the pinball wizards behind the critically acclaimed Pinball FX series.

With this new partnership, Zen Studios will develop and bring innovative original virtual pinball tables to Legends 4K devices.

The new AtGames Legends 4K Pinball (ALP 4KP) Standard Edition features The Addams Family™ theme and table along with 14 additional built-in tables will be released in 2023.  The product sheet including the full list of the 15 pre-loaded tables can be found here:

The Standard Edition’s list price is $1,499.99. It will be available for a special preorder price of $1,099.99 on September 22-25, with the first round of shipments scheduled to reach Owners by December 31, 2023.

Additionally, AtGames and Zen Studios plan to release a total of 15 exclusive FX Legends 4K Collector’s Edition Pinball (CEP) SKUs from 2023 – 2025.  Each CEP will be limited to just 5,000 units each and come equipped with custom side panel artwork and pre-loaded with one table that coincides with their respective edition. Every CEP will be individually numbered on a unique Builder’s Plate to commemorate its unit number (e.g.: No. 1/5000) and manufacture date. The initial CEPs for preorder in 2023 will be announced as they become available.

Each edition comes equipped with a 32” 4K resolution playfield display with premium processing power with the Legends CE-4K software platform, onboard storage with Rock Chip 3588 CPU and 64G of internal storage. They also feature a 24” HD resolution backglass display and an 8” HD resolution DMD display, G-sensor for nudge and tilt, large 3.5” audio speakers, and support the Legends 4K Pinball (Surround Sound Feedback) through an optional SSF Kit accessory.  A full list hardware specs can be found here: .

“We are very excited to announce our new Legends 4K Pinball machines and their premium features for an authentic experience,” said Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung, CEO of AtGames. “We’d also like to thank Zen Studios for bringing their iconic virtual pinball tables to our new exciting Legends 4K platform. The addition of Zen’s pinball tables is a game changer for our community and platform as we’re now able to provide them with ongoing access to the top pinball tables and iconic brands.”

This new Zen partnership builds on previous AtGames initiatives that have brought extensive libraries of classic arcade video games and legendary digital pinball tables as well as original tables to their range of exciting home arcades and pinball devices for authentic gameplay, video, and sound.

“Zen Studios is always looking for best-in-class partners to help bring our iconic virtual pinball tables in new, exciting ways,” said Mel Kirk, Zen Studios Chief Operating Officer. “Placing them in the 4K digital pinball space that AtGames has created is an exciting blend of nostalgia and innovation, and we look forward to seeing our fans’ reaction to this exceptionally engaging platform.”

For more information on the AtGames Legends 4K Arcade Family of products, please visit:


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