Blaze Entertainment entered the handheld console market in May 2020 with the release of the Evercade. The sleek little handheld had a lot of competition as the market was already flooded with cheap handheld units with built-in games, flimsy builds, and low-resolution screens. Still, Evercade distinguished itself from everything else by introducing a component near and dear to a retro gamer’s heart: Cartridges. Blaze Entertainment strived to work with the legacies of great gaming companies like Irem, Jaleco, Intellivision, Atari, Renovation, Data East, and many more to sell officially licensed compilation cartridges for use on the handheld. Just over two years after its release, the Evercade has a sizable cartridge and game library available to players. Just at the tail end of 2022, the Evercade brand received a new, backward-compatible handheld in the form of the Evercade EXP.

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