We’ve featured many Dungeon Crawlers on Indie Retro News, from Black Dawn Rebirth which is a high grade crawler as the 7th episode of the Black Dawn Dungeon Crawler/RPG series by Colin Vella, Shaun Watters, Ten Shu and Mike Richmond. To ‘ The Shadows of Sergoth ‘; a game which blew many of us away with fast coded graphics, deadly monsters and cool loot to find throughout that’s still available to order through Double Sided Games. Well fast forward to today and do we have some great news for you, as Black Dawn TechnoMage; the next Dungeon Crawler in the Black Dawn Saga, has just got its first Amiga demo for you to try!

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From the team that brought you Black Dawn Rebirth with graphics from Tim `Rotator` Gilbert and Mike `Everything` Richmond comes the next in the Black Dawn Saga, again exclusively for the Commodore Amiga, this time in glorious AGA. Not only will the upcoming game feature 3 new classes Brawler ,Gunner and Technomage each one with their own strengths and weaknesses with both melee and ranged combat using both guns. But also a rune based magic system using the full Microlite20 rpg system for a full and rich real time RPG experience! (Coming soon from Bitmap Soft in physical form and Digital download).

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