We’ve featured a lot of Arcade to Amiga conversions/ports throughout the years, from the more recent Final Fight Enhanced to Super Xevious, Flying Shark and even Green Beret. Well if you’re looking for even more Arcade like updates on the site, then we have just been told by our good friend Tom, that AcidBottle together with JMD(Audio) is still working on the Arcade to Amiga game of Breakthru; A 1986 side scrolling shooter by Data East in which you must drive a military vehicle through enemy territory to rescue your PK430 aircraft.

Here’s what Mobygames says about the game which will need a beefed up OCS/ECS machine and a 2 button controller to play. “BreakThru is a 2D side-scrolling vehicle shooter. Your mission: race, jump, and blast your way through five levels (mountains, bridge, plains, city, and airfield) of enemy defenses to recapture the stolen jet fighter. A host of enemy soldiers, mines, vehicles, and aircraft will try to stop you, though. Oh yeah… and don’t forget to watch out for those rocket attacks and falling rocks!”

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