Some more great retro gaming news for you all, as we’ve just been given the heads up through our Facebook group, that Alarsoft who was behind great conversions and new games such as Galaxian, Hyper Harvest, and Galaga, has now turned his attention to the 1982 game of Burger Time. A new C64 conversion which was originally released back in the day for the Intellivision, Apple II, Atari 2600, TI-99/4A, Commodore 64, ColecoVision and many others. To coincide with this news, you can see the latest footage of Burger Time being played by Saberman.

While the game was developed for and released during the Mamemeister Charity Stream on 5th November 2023, unlike the original C64 version back in the day however, Arlasoft has released an almost faithful Arcade conversion. A game which now features better details throughout including the main character, enemies and burgers, UI changes to that of the Arcade, and music also being played throughout. So if this sounds like your sort of game to be loaded up on your C64, check it out below.

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