The year was 1982. I went to Time Out, my local arcade, and there I found my cousin playing this new game where a cook had to make burgers while avoiding hot dogs, pickles, and other food items. That game was BurgerTime and I was immediately hooked! BurgerTime was first released in Japan under the name Hamburger by Data East. The game was originally developed for the Data East DECO Cassette System in Japan. When the game was brought to the US, it was licensed to Bally Midway for distribution but later was released by Data East themselves.

Though Peter has a limited number of pepper shots, he can acquire additional pepper by picking up certain items that appear towards the center of each maze. These items include ice cream, coffee, and French fries. These appear only for several seconds and must be picked up before they   disappear in order to get the extra pepper as well as bonus points…

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