iiRcade will soon add four arcade titles from TAD Corporation to Game Store

iiRcade Inc., a premium home arcade console that allows gamers of all ages to play their favorite retro and modern games in a true arcade style, is pleased to announce that four classic arcade titles from TAD Corporation are coming soon to the iiRcade Game Store.

The four titles, all officially licensed by Tadashi “TAD” Yokoyama, Owner and Founder of TAD Corporation, include: Cabal, Blood Bros., Heated Barrel, and Toki.

“We’re happy to announce that these four retro titles from TAD Corporation are coming soon to our platform,” said Jong Shin, founder & CEO of iiRcade. “These retro games are a lot of fun and a good mix of classic run-and-gun shooters.”

More details and launch dates on each game, all of which are arcade versions:

  • Toki (available today), a run-and-gun platform game released in arcades in Japan in 1989, has the player controlling an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human and rescuing the kidnapped princess.
  • Blood Bros (available October 14th), a spiritual sequel to Cabal, was released in 1990 where two blood brothers, a cowboy and an Indian, team up to hunt down “the most wanted outlaw in Dodge City,” Big Bad John.
  • Innovative at the time for its unique over-the-shoulder camera view, Cabal (available November 4th) is an arcade shooter that was released in 1988. The game features commandos trying to destroy several enemy military bases with the use of limitless ammunition and a fixed number of grenades to fend off enemy troops.
  • Heated Barrel (available November 11th) is a cartoon style western shoot ‘em up from 1992 that features four playable characters. Each character has their own unique weapon that can be powered up by collecting various items as the fight off Outlaws and Ghosts through stages and bosses.

iiRcade Gold, the latest addition to iiRcade’s line-up of premium home arcade consoles is now available for pre-order with four versions to choose from: Dead Cells, Dragon’s Lair, SPACE INVADERS and Black Edition with Double Dragon artwork.

Each iiRcade comes with 11 pre-loaded games: Dragon’s Lair, Double Dragon, Gunbird, Beach Buggy Racing, BombSquad (online multiplayer party game), Snowboard Championship, Diver Boy, Dragon Master, Maniac Square, Twin Brats and Fancy World, with more games downloadable, including free games, on the iiRcade store (https://iircade.store).

All games are officially licensed and available at affordable prices, and new titles are continuously added to the growing iiRcade store library. The full list of currently available games can be found on the iiRcade store.

For more information and to order iiRcade, visit iiRcade.com.


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