Challenges and achievements are a huge part of today’s gaming experience, even for retro gamers. AntStream Arcade hasn’t left their clients out of the party either, as the service has tons of amazing and fun challenges for their players to enjoy. In this exclusive list, we break down 10 amazing challenges for 10 of the most popular games on the platform. Now the real question is: Can you conquer these challenges?

Bubble Bobble: This game is an absolute classic and continues to be played to this day by tons of players. It’s crazy to think it was released way back in 1986, but Bub and Bob are still fighting that wizard! The things a man…

Lode Runner: Since its original release in 1983, Lode Runner has garnered a cult following and a bevy of remakes on a variety of consoles. While they all have a special place in our hearts, the original is easily still the most enjoyable…

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