Like sand at the beach, an ARCADE has zero legitimacy without one, if not two, Donkey Kong cabinets. Nintendo’s 1981 explosive launch put them at the top of the North American ARCADE scene. Stubborn Gorilla versus fearless Jump Man… can this helpless damsel be rescued? A cross between King Kong and Popeye, not forgetting the dash of Italian landlord, Donkey Kong (DK) gives debut to three iconic characters that have each taken a life of their own through the years: Donkey Kong is our beast, Pauline the lady in distress, and our hero… Mario.

Shigeru Miyamoto’s love triangle between man, woman, and ape was the springboard to a legacy that has won our hearts time and time again. DK’s success would allow Miyamoto to build upon his story, introducing more lovable characters like Luigi and Donkey Kong Jr. in future games. On the same hand, you could say, if it were not for the triumph of Mario and friends, Miyamoto may not have had the opportunity to create the epic saga that is The Legend of Zelda. Donkey Kong is made up of four different level boards. The most familiar being the first stage, the Barrel board, where Donkey Kong protects his prize at the top, throwing barrels down the uncompleted construction site.

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