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Wizard Of Walls!

“Wizard Of Walls” is a dungeon/maze shooter with retro mechanics inspired by the old arcade classic “Wizard Of Wor”. You play a warrior with a laser gun and have to shoot all monsters. If you touch a monster or get shot by a monster, you die instantly (no health bar, no regeneration). Everything becomes faster and faster. Your goal is to survive as many dungeons as you can.

Collect power-ups within the dungeon. The blue ones make you run faster, the orange ones make you shoot faster.

Every 5th dungeon is a spider dungeon. A horde of fast moving spiders crawl around and try to drop eggs. If you don’t shoot the eggs in time, 5 new spiders will be born.

The graphics on this independent game is top notch. It is an overheard maze like shooting game. The sounds as well really makes this game a must have in the iiRcade. This will be for sale for $9.99 in the iiRcade Store on January 20th, 2023. Check it out.

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