We’ve been flooded with awesome news this week, from Forest of Illusion for the Commodore Amiga, to the overhauled Mario Bros on the Amstrad and Mickey and Donald G&W for the 48k. Well once again we are going back to the ZX Spectrum for some more gaming news, as thanks to Saberman contacting us recently, he has told us that Daniel Isoba has made available the arcade platformer of ‘Crazy Forest’; A new game for the ZX Spectrum which is sure to keep you busy with lots of themed levels.

Here is what the website says about the story of the game. “Agatha died on her last adventure, and her soul now wanders through the terrifying forest of Durnwich. Waldo lost an eye in a fight, but he managed to save his uncle’s ghost. The forest is still cursed, and according to Waldo’s uncle, the curse is due to the existence of a “Great Old Ones” that was summoned and now inhabits the old caves. The uncle also told Waldo that only a cat can kill the monster. The adventure begins when Waldo returns to the forest, which is infested with evil creatures”.

“He comes to a cave and finds an old soul-converting machine, which is broken due to lack of energy. In the forest, Waldo meets the ghost of Agatha, who tells him that somewhere very cold there is a bottle with the remains of her soul. Waldo has an idea: if he can fix the machine and use Agatha’s soul, he can transform into a cat and, as a cat, eliminate the primordial, which is called Thulhu. Waldo must travel through the world of ice, the enchanted forest, and the haunted castle to reach Thulhu, who is lurking deep in the earth”.

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