In 1981 Williams Electronics released Defender, an all time classic multi-directional arcade shooter featuring 2D graphics as you defeat waves of aliens while protecting astronauts on the surface. But what if I told you there’s a new game by Tank King that is very much inspired by that game but looks oh so good as a remaster for the PC would you be interested? You would, good! Welcome to ‘Defender’, A downloadable remaster for Windows which also features a Global Leaderboard!

Featuring the same game play style as the original Defender, you must fly your aircraft back and forth destroying UFO’s and protecting astronauts on the landscape from abduction! The game doesn’t just feature 6 unique Enemies each with a different attack ability, but also retro Sounds played similar to the single channel system used by arcade games,¬†an online Leaderboard that is globally accessible, a scanner which renders a larger view of the planet and finally playable through a Parallax scrolling world!

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