Back in the day I really loved playing the 1981 Arcade game of Frogger by Konami. It had loads of charm, great gameplay for kids and it really made you feel for the safety of those little green frogs as they hopped their way across a busy road, then across a river of logs and Crocodiles to get to the other side. So when Ben James announced his Frogger remake of ‘Defrog’ which is playable in your browser, I just had to give it a go!

Now if you’ve already played Frogger you probably know what to expect with this game, you must guide your frogs across the water, avoiding nasties and reaching each segment at the top to gain an ever high score. While this is just another variation of the classic game, it’s still a joy to play in your browser and looks good too. So yes if want to play something at work or at home in via Chrome or Edge, then you are sure to enjoy playing Defrog by Ben James.

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