It was only just the other week that we informed you that JOTD, who is also behind the brilliant Arcade conversions of Galaxian and Super Xevious 1200 for the Amiga, was going to be doing another conversion/port of the classic 80’s game of ‘Donkey Kong’. Well if you’re hoping for some up to date news of this upcoming Arcade game, then we have just found out through the EAB forums, that JOTD has shown off some new gameplay footage. Footage which shows the animation, sound effects, and all four screens.

For those of you have never played Donkey Kong which is now being created using 68k assembly for the Commodore Amiga, here’s what the wiki has to say about the game. “Donkey Kong is a 1981 arcade video game developed and published by Nintendo. As Mario, the player runs and jumps on platforms and climbs ladders to ascend a construction site and rescue Pauline from a giant gorilla, Donkey Kong. It is the first game in the Donkey Kong series as well as Mario’s first appearance in a video game”.

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