Throughout the years we’ve featured many different types of news stories, from gaming updates, to music disks and even scene demos. Well here we are with another eye opening news story I think you’ll like, as if you have an Atari 8bit, then it might be worth checking out the latest release of Doom for the Atari XL/XE: An Atari port by Krzysztof Swiecicki – Swiety/ZELAX rewriten to asm , optimized, fixed and so much more! In light of this late hour news story, Saberman has also done a short video showing the game in action.

Here is what the video description says about the release ” Atari port by Krzysztof Swiecicki – Swiety/ZELAX rewriten to asm , optimized and fixed. Double horizontal view, viewfinder. Original Doom for the VIC-20 ported by Steve Mccrea. This is a “port” of iD software’s Doom which was released at Lost Party 2023. For the features of this port, it includes cut down versions of shareware Doom’s levels, minus the secret level. Sergeants, demons, imps and cacodemons, with AI code cut down from the Doom source. Fist, chainsaw, pistol, shotgun, chaingun and pick ups such as health, keys and ammo. Corpses, exploding barrels, secrets and so much more listed below!”

  • 11 music tracks, converted from the original Doom midi files
  • 20 sound effects, converted from the original Doom PC speaker sounds
  • cheat codes
  • panning and zooming map
  • intermission and victory screens
  • arbitrarily angled textured walls
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