“One Humanity”

One Humanity is a new level for the 1994 id Software release DOOM® II created by John Romero to support the people of Ukraine and the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. 100% of the proceeds go toward this support.

One Humanity is Romero’s first DOOM II level since the release of the original in 1994. The .WAD contains a read-me text file as well as the external mod data. Players must have an original copy of DOOM II and a modern source port to play One Humanity.

When you click this link you’ll be taken to another site in a new window to enter your payment information. You will then receive an email with a download link in it. You can download ONE HUMANITY up to 3 times with this link, so make sure to back it up after your download.

John Romero Games Site


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