W elcome to another installment of a column dedicated exclusively to Old School Gamers and Old School Games from the Golden Age of gaming. These gamers, back in the day, had to physically use a coin or token to start a video game. The earning of these coins was mostly accomplished after some form of work, usually the hard or difficult variety. After earnings were paid to the gamer, there was the trip to the ARCADE. ARCADE is written in ALL CAPS because it is the Old School Gamer’s origin and sanctuary. It was, and shall always be remembered, as a hallowed place. Respect your origins.

Mobile gaming hardly ever shows up on my radar. Perhaps it’s because my toilet time entertainment is too old school, reading a book or playing Game Boy Tetris. Mostly it’s because I just don’t dig mobile games. I totally dislike the feel of screen tapping, sliding, and tilting as a way to control the game. I need a controller or joystick, a control deck with real buttons that’ll make you bleed after hours of playing.

On Jan 31 the internet showed signs of a fever when Nintendo of America tweeted:

The doctor is in! Mario puts on the white coat once again in the mobile game Dr. Mario World, targeting an early summer 2019 global release. @NintendoAmerica

Is the world ready for another dose of Dr. Mario? Without a doubt!


Released in 1990 during the later years of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Dr. Mario dropped with a boom! An action falling puzzle game, Dr. Mario was produced by Gunpei Yokoi best known for his contribution in the creation of the Game Boy, designed by Takahiro Harada, with composor Hirokazu Tanaka who is credited with the Metroid, EarthBound and NES Tetris soundtracks. Getting in on the explosive success of Tetris, Nintendo released Dr. Mario on the NES and the GameBoy, as well as in a .Vs ARCADE format.


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