Wow, thanks so much everyone! Thanks to all your amazing support, we have achieved over 1000 pledges and $400K with still 19 more days to go! We are making huge steps forward each day and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much to all our amazing family members for making this happen!

We’ve been making some mega announcements recently via our iiRcade Live sessions broadcasted simultaneously on Facebook (, Youtube ( and Twitch (channel: iircade), and wanted to make sure our family members are all up-to-date. Especially, we have been getting many requests and we have been listening to you. This week, we have made 2 of the biggest requests into a reality.

1.   $400K Stretch Goal Achieved! Now Let’s Make $500K Stretch Goal Happen!

Big THANK YOU to everyone for spreading the word about iiRcade! Thanks to your support, we have finally cracked the first stretch goal at $400K! This means everyone will get the ability to save game high scores.

As mentioned in the comments section, this is technically a difficult thing to do as the high scores on the original arcade machines reset once the machine is turned off. Our clever engineers have been able to create a solution that enables us to be able to bring this feature to iiRcade.

Our next stretch goal is at $500K and achieving this goal will enable getting the amazing on-line game, Bomb Squad, preloaded for free! Check out our iiRcade Live session 25, where 7 iiRcade team members play Bomb Squad together online and have a lot of fun together (beating each other up :)) : or

iiRcade’s Bomb Squad will be a customized full version of the game for an optimized arcade experiences with no paid ads, no pay-to-play, etc. The great thing about this game is that it’s multi-platform, so you will be able to play with other players from other platforms and beat’em up using iiRcade’s premium arcade controllers! 🙂

2.   128GB Storage Upgrade Option Now Available!

Many of our family members have been asking for the option to upgrade the 64GB storage on iiRcade. On Tuesday, we have made this happen and announced the 128GB Storage Upgrade option with the price of only $50!

Simply by following these steps, you will now be able to upgrade your storage to 128GB :

  • On iiRcade Kickstarter page, click on the green “Manage My Pledge” button.
  • If you have the Super Early Bird tier : On your current pledge tier (do not change pledge tier), simply add $50 to your pledge amount and send a PM (private message) to Jong with one liner, such as “Memory upgrade pledge done”.
  • To send a PM : On iiRcade Kickstarter Page, click on the circular iiRcade logo on the right side of the page, and then click on “Contact Me”.
  • If you have the Early Bird tier : Simply, you can change your pledge to the 128GB versions of the pledge tier for bartop or bundle.

3. Dragon’s Lair Premium Cabinet is Finally a Reality!


Yes, it’s finally a reality! We’ve been listening to our community and a number of our family members have been shouting out for a Dragon’s Lair arcade cabinet. Since then, we have been working day and night to make this happen for you and now I can finally announce that we’ve been able to make this happen.

Announcing the iiRcade – Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition. Upgraded with 128GB of storage and original Sanwa Joysticks, along with all the powerful capabilities of iiRcade! This version is only available on a bundle and will also come with Dragon’s Lair edition of the stand.

We wanted to offer something special for our family members with this special edition, so we’ve decided to do the following. Initially planned for $599, we have decided to reduce the price of the Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition for our family members only on Kickstarter. If you have the 128GB bundle, your upgrade to the Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition, that also has the original Sanwa joysticks included in the package, will only be $50! Now, our family members who have gotten the Super Early Bird will be able to get the Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition bundle for only $499, and our family members who have gotten the Early Bird will be able to get the Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition bundle for only $549.

If you are interested in getting one, you can simply follow the same procedure as the one for memory upgrade, except for Super Early Bird backers, change the pledge amount to $499 and for Early Bird backers, change to the Dragon’s Lair Premium Cabinet tier. Again, please don’t hesitate to let me know for any questions that you may have, via sending me a PM on Kickstarter.

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Final Words

It was a very exciting week for iiRcade family (including myself) with lots that happened in only a week. We’ve worked very hard to make these happen for you because you wanted them and we are so glad that we were able to make them happen. Currently, with only 1 day after the announcement, iiRcade – Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition is selling like hot cakes and with marketing that is about to start, I am sure that the demand will get much higher. I am already hearing that the word is going around in various forums. If you are interested in the Dragon’s Lair Premium Edition, I would recommend grabbing one now while we can supply the demand. I want to make sure that our family members have the first opportunity to get one.

Two big very exciting announcements that happened this week and there are more coming soon! This is the most exciting time to be an iiRcade family member. We are working on some more amazing hot items on the nuclear level and I can’t wait to announce them soon. These amazing announcements are coming soon, stay tuned!

Thanks so much again for reading the update everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!

Best Regards,

— Jong, a.k.a. “Mr. Screw Money”

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