Not content with all the awesome news we’ve had so far this week, then how about this news story that’s just been sent to us by our good friend Liqmatrix. It’s the work in progress game of ‘Dreadnought Assault’ by kiwilove and playsoft. A rather awesome looking WIP scrolling shoot ’em up for the Atari 7800, which can be downloaded and played right now. To coincide with this news story, if you don’t have an emulator installed or an Atari 7800 however, you could can at least check out the footage of this work in progress game below.

Here’s the latest from the creator(s). “@kiwilove and I worked on this quite some time ago, but it was sidelined for various reasons. We’ve picked it up again and hope to make something playable from it. Your task is to destroy all the turrets on the dreadnought, collect a hostage and return to the launch bay. This is complicated by a host of different enemies attacking you. Use the joystick to move your ship, left trigger to fire and right trigger to flip direction. If you destroy a dragon, it will be followed by a pickup that you can collect:

  • S = Shield boost
  • P = Protector
  • W = Weapon upgrade

“The game finishes when your shield is fully depleted. There will be 7 dreadnoughts in total, but I’ve only sequenced the first 2 so far”.

Links :1) Discussion/Download

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