Even though we were late in writing this one up as it was Christmas, we are pleased to inform our Indie Retro News readers that if you loved that classic Cartoon of Duck Tales, then you may also be interested to know that N10Team has released the ZX Spectrum game of ‘Duck Tales – Family Comes First; the second game by N10Team based on a heavily modified Churrera 3.99.2 Engine by The Mojon Twins, which was also made to celebrate their love and passion for Speccy and Duck Tales.

Here’s the latest from the website. “Magica De Spell, an evil witch, kidnaps Scrooge’s nephews and Webby, demanding all Scrooge’s fortune and his lucky dime for ransom. After receiving a letter with conditions for children’s return from Magica, Scrooge decides to spend all his money on finding his nephews and punishing the evil witch instead. Giro builds a new, super-powerful computer that helps to collect information from agents Scrooge has sent around the world. And the faithful pilot Launchpad is ready to take Scrooge to any corner of the planet. Help Scrooge to free the kids from captivity and also multiply his fortune many times :).”

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