The PUBG betting scene is fertile soil for betting enthusiasts who also enjoy playing this iconic game. Click here for our detailed guide.

 When looking at the PUBG betting scene, consider that the PUBG Corporation published Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in December 2017. It was the first title ever to introduce a new genre of game called Battle Royale. This new game genre has been a massive success with gamers all over the globe, helping PUBG become one of the most viral games ever made.

PUBG continued its momentum in eSports, and the Corporation helped it rise to the top of competitive gaming’s food chain. eSports betting is possible wherever there are viewers and competitions. This guide will take you through the world of PUBG betting and show you how to place a bet on this globally popular game (for similar guides on eSports betting and gaming, we recommend visiting

How PUBG Works: The Basics

Before placing your first wager on the PUBG betting scene, it is essential to know the game and how it works.

PUBG is an online multiplayer player-versus-player (PvP) battle royale game. It’s similar to Fortnite and Rings of Elysium. A few dozen players drop from a plane to an island/map and fight for dominance in a battle royale.

Many game modes can affect the number of players allowed in a PUBG match. Regular matches allow up to 100 players, but eSports tournaments usually have 64 players to make it easier to follow.

The game starts when the players land on the map, which measures approximately five by five miles. Each player begins without weapons and equipment upon landing. They can find them by searching the map or eliminating other players. The game’s objective seems straightforward, but it gets a lot more difficult when other players try to kill you.

One of the most exhilarating occurrences on the PUBG betting scene involves players trying to grab deadly weapons and other gear. The fact that the available area slowly shrinks only thickens the plot. A circle begins to form at the edges of the map, and its size gradually decreases.

Anybody caught outside this circle takes damage, eventually leading to the player being killed and eliminated from the game. The result creates a unique dynamic that forces the player to funnel into the same area, leading to more frequent confrontations and fast-paced gameplay.

A teammate can revive a player who is killed or injured by another player. You have a limited time when a player can be revived, which adds an additional dimension to teamwork and is worthy of consideration when betting on PUBG.

The PUBG Competitive Scene

Competitive PUBG is different from other eSports because most official tournaments are in the care of the game’s publisher. Consequently, the PUBG betting scene and contests with high-level talent and professional broadcasting can offer high prize pools. However, there aren’t as many tournaments available.

The game’s competitive scene encompasses nine regions. Each region has its own leagues, creating a variety of professional tournaments and competitions. These contests take place throughout the year worldwide. The PUBG Global Champion, which takes place in autumn, brings together the best PUBG teams worldwide.

Professional PUBG matches feature 16 squads of four players who compete as a team. Only two of the four maps available in Erangel or Miramar are in use by the PUBG competitive ecosystem.

The PUBG Betting Scene Basics

PUBG betting can be exciting and risky because the game’s random nature makes it unpredictable. The success of any team depends on their skill, teamwork, and luck in finding the right equipment and weapons as they search the map. However, although placing a bet on PUBG matches is riskier due to the game’s random nature, the odds of winning are higher to compensate.

Types of PUBG Betting

Due to the way PUBG matches play, outrights are the most popular betting market. Although there are theoretical possibilities to add additional markets like totals or handicaps, it is challenging for bookmakers due to the unpredictable nature of PUBG’s gameplay.

Even though such a setup may seem restrictive to aspiring PUBG bettors, it is vital to remember that everyone who wagers on PUBG is in the same position. Regardless, there are plenty of options on the PUBG betting scene, thanks to the addition of proposition and map markets.

How to Bet on PUBG: Moneyline

eSports bettors commonly use the Moneyline or Outright market for PUBG betting. This type of bet lets you predict which PUBG team will win the match or the entire series. Here is an example of Moneyline odds on PUBG Global Invitational 2018.

  • Natus Vincere: 4.50 (+350)
  • Team Liquid: 6.00 (+500)
  • Knights: 7.00 (+600)
  • WTSG: 9.00 (+800)
  • G Gold 9.0 (+800)

The tournament’s favorites can go as high as 4.50 (+350), while second favorites start at 6.01 (+500). This example is notable because Gen.G Gold won, earning bettors a substantial payout.

How to Bet on PUBG: Map Winner

When looking at the PUBG betting scene, map winner bets are only available in tournaments/competitions where the teams play more than one map. This type of bet is on one team winning a map from a series.

PUBG map betting is similar to Moneyline, but the game’s dynamic changes if you are betting on a map winner in-play. Knowing the game and the best landing positions will help determine which team is most likely to win any map.

Therefore, knowing which teams are strongest is not enough to predict which team will win the “Chicken Dinner.”

How to Bet on PUBG: Futures

PUBG Futures betting is not about predicting a series or a game winner but predicting which team will win a major tournament.

Futures markets are typically available long before an event starts. They offer incredibly generous odds, just like Moneyline bets. If you are looking into the PUBG betting scene, it is critical to remember that timing is everything. Placing a bet on a PUBG player to win a tournament at the right moment can give you generous odds and a greater potential payout.

How to Bet on PUBG: In-Play

Live betting or in-play is not only the most exciting method to place a bet on PUBG, but it’s also the best. In-play betting lets you place a wager while the game is being played, often giving you vital information to help you make the right decision and place the correct bet.

In-play betting can remain virtually unchanged compared to the previous match. Therefore, you do not suffer penalties if you place your bets during the game.

In the PUBG betting scene, live betting is possible in Battle Royale games because most of the action and the best betting opportunities occur after the match has started. The match is volatile because 64 players play simultaneously on the same map.

Such a setup significantly lowers risk and allows you to avoid merely gambling with your cash. Instead, you can make educated decisions based on what happened during the game and which team is most likely to win.

PUBG Betting Strategies & Tips

Remember that you can be a more successful PUBG bettor by learning a few tricks that will provide you with an advantage over other bettors. These tips include:

  • Learning the game by playing it yourself (critical for the PUBG betting scene)
  • Using beta servers to your advantage
  • Performing the necessary research
  • Managing your bankroll

Learn the Game by Playing it Yourself

To be successful in PUBG betting, you must understand the metagame, drop zones, and other factors. Grasping the basics of PUBG betting is straightforward by watching others play. However, you can only learn all the necessary details by playing the game.

Make Use of the Beta Servers to Your Advantage

PUBG, like all eSports titles, is not immune to game update changes. Even though patches and updates are rarely game-changing, they can shake up the meta. Such changes can, in turn, reshape the power balance between professional teams.

When participating in the PUBG betting scene, knowing the game’s meta will help you in your betting journey. Waiting for an update and then learning all the changes can be detrimental. Therefore, joining PUBG beta servers to test the changes is one of your best options to stay ahead of the curve.

It’s easy to download the PUBG beta version. You just need to search for the PUBG beta download link and download it to your device. However, remember that the PUBG beta does not represent the actual game. This beta is a test version that allows developers to see the potential new features they plan to add to the game. Consequently, it may not include weapons and other items.

Make Sure to Do The Necessary Research

At its core, betting is an activity that involves information that can be challenging to find. In other words, if you’re into the PUBG betting scene, remember that it is not worth placing a wager on a team based on your gut feeling.

Spend time and invest the effort to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each player and the meta strategies before placing a bet. To better understand the game, you should play it and test the new beta PUBG changes. However, testing beta changes only accounts for half of the battle. The other half is researching the teams and players to make educated wagers.

Manage Your Bankroll

Aside from the PUBG betting scene, this advice applies to placing wagers on any eSport or sports title. Every bettor needs to know how to manage their bankroll and where and how much they should bet.

You will likely endure weeks or months where your bets don’t win. Only then will you realize how critical it is to manage your entire bankroll because there are no guarantees in betting.


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