One of the games that have taken a frontline position in the industry is PUBG Mobile. The game features all the actions, weapons, threats, combats, confrontations you can ever hope for in a Battle Royale game. But unfortunately, you could only play it on Mobile devices until Bluehole Studio created the PC version.

The development enabled PUBG lovers to play it on their larger screens instead of mobile devices. So, if you’re wondering how to go about this experience, we will share the details below. But note that even though PUBG Mobile and PUBG have the same gameplay and storyline, you will need to buy the PC version. Also, playing without PUBG hacks will make the game more challenging.

So, take care of all that to ensure a smooth gaming experience. As for how to play the game on your PC, keep reading to learn the steps.

Steps on Playing PUBG on PC


1.    Meet the system requirements

Before playing this game on your PC, make sure the hardware is up to par regarding what the game requires. The first thing to check is if your PC processor matches the like of AMD FX-6300 or Intel Core i5 4430. Secondly, ensure that the RAM size of the AMD FX-6300 is at least 8GB. Other processors such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 must have 2 GB RAM at least. Also, if your processor is AMD Radeon R& 370, it must have 2GB of graphics. As for the Windows, a 64-bit W 7 will do the trick. Also, DirectX version 11 can be okay, but there must be at least 30GB of space to play the game through Steam.

But if you can’t access a PC with the above requirements, get the Lite version of the game and play on your PC. This Lite can work on Windows even when you’re using a low-end laptop. But bear in mind that the graphics will not be high-end, and you might not enjoy the appearance.

2.    Install Steam

Steam is one of the largest game libraries in the industry. It offers a lot of games plus an active community of gamers in all genres. So, PUBG is accessible through this platform because you must pay for it before you can download and play it.

To install Steam, visit the official website at and check the right side of the top screen for a green button or at the middle of the screen for the blue button. Once you click on any of them, the Steam setup file will start downloading to your PC. Afterward, click the file to launch the app and you can choose your language by hitting NEXT and then select where to place your Steam app on the PC. Afterward, hit “Finish” to complete the installation.

3.    Search and Buy PUBG

After installing Steam, you can now buy the game. There is another way to buy this game which is to visit the PUBG official site for it. Once you purchase from the official site, you will receive a code from there to use on Steam. Since you will still need to download it through Steam, buy it from the client to save yourself from such hassles.

So simply search the Steam product page for the game and buy it. Once you buy the game from Steam, it will automatically start to download. However, if you wait and it didn’t, visit the Steam popular library of games. Find PUBG and click on it. Afterward, select “Install.” The action will start the download.

4.    Download and Play

By initiating the download process, you’ve installed the game on your PC. Now is time to enjoy your purchases. So, head to Steam library again and click “Play.” On the PUBG platform, you can select any game mode you prefer, such as training mode, normal or ranked matches. But one of our pro tips is to utilize the training mode for some time to get the hang of the game. Afterward, proceed to the other game modes.


PUBG is an amazing game to play on a mobile device, but the PC version will blow your mind. You’ll now use your laptop and ergonomic gaming mouse and keyboard to optimize your experience. So, it’s time to take things to the larger screens by purchasing the game.

Just note that the versions are still the same story but from different developers. But you still need your wits and hacks to play the battle-focused game. So, start by checking your PC specs to know if it meets the requirements. If it does, you’re okay, but go for the PUBG Lite if it doesn’t. After the requirements, head over to the official website of Steam and install it. Then purchase the game there or through its site. Then download and play your PUBG.

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